Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kleancolor eye make up

 Alright guys! We're back with another review for KleanColor cosmetics, This one is all about their eye make up.

Now I got all my items on sale due to a store closing out, but I have looked up the retail prices for you guys!

First up is Kleancolors VIBE-rant due eyeliners, one side is a cream crayon styled liner, while the other is a liquid liner. Just like any crayon liner, the crayon will come off eventually, however the liquid even after several attempts to get it off of my hand does not rub off, you WILL need a remover for it. For me personally this is a good thing, if your some one who rubs at your eyes a lot, then once the liquid dries it will stay. 
As usual with Kleancolor the colors are very pigmented and vibrant, right down to the white line. 
I'd give this product a good 7 out of 10. It's perfect for those who want to start using a liquid liner, but do not want to pay a lot for the liquid and not end up using it. I did have to knock a few points off due to the liquid liner brush being just a tad stiff and being a bit messy. 
Normally this item is sold for $3.49, not to bad for a Duo

4 VIBE-rant colors on the top, the bottom was another brands liners

 These next three are the Waterproof Eyeliner Pens. Truthfully I don't have anything bad to say about these except the small size, however the size works perfectly for me since I hardly use pen styled eyeliners. The pen tips are soft and easy to work with, they have a fine point on them for making perfect little lines. The colors show beautifully with out having to use a lot. With the Eyeliner Pens however, they only come in dark colors, so if your a fan of bright, light colors these might not be the best for you. However if you like a bolder color then these would be perfect. 9 out of 10, once again the size is really my only complaint.
Normally sold for $3.99

The waterproof pen liner, compared to the lines by the VIBE-rant duos liquid

Every girls favorite thing. Glitter! These are Kleancolors Alter Ego Glitter Mascara. Now with any glitter mascara, you have to be careful of not getting it in the eye. The colors are beautiful and come in a few shades actually. My only problem is, is that I personally can not get the glitter to show up on my eyelashes, but I find other ways to use items like this. I do mascara in light layers so I might just might not be putting enough on for it show, But you can use these for other purposes as well like adding a glitter highlight to your hair, or even using it to add a sparkle to your cheeks. The brushes are not like normal mascara brushes, they are more of a screws threads on a plastic stick, which works perfectly for gripping the glitter.
10 out of 10, I'm not going to knock points for my own personal issues with the glitter.
This is normally sold for $2.99

So there's no cute witty name for these, they are simply just Kleancolors eyeprimers. One in shimmer and one in matte. Now I have never used a primer for eyeshadow before, so on my first attempt I did end up using a bit to much. The primer is very light in product and would work perfectly for anyone who loves using pure pigments and loose powders on their eyes. The shimmer (black tube) of course is the perfect thing to make your glitters and shimmer powders have a bit of extra shine, while the matte would be wonderful for just every day wear. 
10 out of 10, once again, not going to knock any points off for my own personal issues with using the product 
This product will run you about $2.99

All the items in this review can be found on their website

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