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Holley Tea Time~

Since my last post, I have graduated from Cosmetology and earned both my license to do hair and my make up credentials!

Alright so this time I'll be doing a review of some HTT items!
These are items that I've collected over time from her and includes a few items I received from Model Promotions.

So far I've owned, her Pastel Polka Dot Cutie Skirt, A plain black Skirt int he same style as the Pastel Polka Dot Cutie Skirt, Pastel dreamy fairy star ring, Magical fairy wishing heart necklace, Glitter Rainbow Ring, and two un-named bows.

Now I put every product I receive through rigorous testing, and I may or may not have a habit of chewing on my jewelry mostly the chains...

The first Item I actually got from Holley was two bows from Grab Bags at her stand at ALA back in 2011.  But I'll talk about the black skirt first.

So this Skirt I bought from her at Anime Conji 2013, while helping her watch the booth. At the time I attended a beauty school whose dress code was all black [exception of accessories and hair pieces], and figured I could pull some of my Lolita and Fairy Kei accessories and pieces into my school clothing. I ended up buying her medium sized skirt, which is actually a bit big on me, the last time I measured, I had a 29-30inch waist, that was a few years ago. You can fit a small short petticoat under the skirt if you like, however I found I was more comfortable in the skirt with it just hanging freely. It's gone through the wash multiple times and has never come out with any fading or loose strings. Unfortunately this skirt is not available in shop, however she may or may not bring more or similar ones of it to cons.
So while we're talking about the black skirt, lets talk about the Pastel Polka Dot Cutie Skirt, this was also purchased at the same time as the black skirt. This one fits the same way as the black skirt and I did get it in the same size, once again it's a bit loose on me, which is perfectly fine with me. The fabric is durable and has gone through a few dance practices, some DDR play, and survived a 3 day Disneyland Trip, where I had to wrangle two small children in it. The same goes for it going through the wash, the color has lasted and stayed the same as the day I got it, no rips or tears despite the abuse it's been through as well. The polka dots on the skirt come in yellow, purple, green, blue and a darker shade of pink than the base fabric. Normally I don't like Polka Dots but this skirt was to cute to pass up.
This skirt is still available in her store for $22. Link here

Alright so these items I received as part of a modeling promotion. When Holley ships she packs everything in a bubble envelope to make sure the items arrive in mint condition. This package included the Dream Fairy Star Ring, in purple with pink bow, Magical fairy wishing heart necklace, also in the purple color with a matching pink bow, the version I received has pearls on the chain, there is a secondary version with stars on the chain, and hiding in that cute little "Luv u" box was the Glitter Rainbow Ring.

All of Holley's packages come with a cute hand written message on adorable stationary for everyone. My message was just a short and simple "Hope you like everything". She always includes a cute little business card in every purchase as well. Unfortunately I only have photos of the necklace worn. These products all went through a testing of daily wear, and even through a whole dance performance.

The rings come on Adjustable backs, now with me having tiny fingers even with the bands at the smallest point I still had to wrap tape around the band to hold it on my finger, that's a body issue though and not a product issue. My ring size is one of the smallest ones a 5. but these rings hold up well under everything, even to the point of me chewing on the star ring at one point. The Star ring is a Resin based product.  The Rainbow Ring is made from clay. This ring also held up during a dance performance and a few bashes against some walls and tables from me just being a derp and running into them.
Now for the necklace! This necklace may look big, however once it's on you tend to forget your wearing it. It comes on a magenta chain and can ether have the pearl chain links like mine, or come with star chain links. The heart is made out of resin and is less than half an inch thick and very light. Hiding in the heart are sparkling little wishing stars. This necklace held up through an entire routine of the dance Heavy Rotation from AKB48, if you haven't seen the dance, then youtube for Pinku Projects Heavy Rotation dance, My part was one of the back parts involving a lot of jumping.
The Star ring will run you about $ 6.50 Linked here
The Rainbow Ring is currently sold out, but when in stock will run you about  $ 4. linked here
The Magical wishing necklace is also sold out but will run you about $ 12. linked here

The bows! Omg the Bows!! So I have a problem, I love bows. I have two from Holley.
Now both of these bows do not appear on the website as they were grab bag only bows. However she does list similar items. 
Once again the Black bow was purchased for school wear, but I do love wearing this bow around for fun. It's made from two bows, one slightly smaller than the base. It came with glitter attached to it, but after 3 YEARS of wear I've worn all the glitter off of it. The bow is constructed with Black satin I believe and is covered with a black net tulle.
The second bow is my favorite, this one goes with me anytime I'm dressed for an event ether on my wig, or on my apron of my Maid Uniform. It can be seen worn in the photos containing the skirts at the top of this post as well and though it can not be seen it was attached to a bun on the back of my wig in the previous photo. Now this bow went with me every single day to Disneyland as well when I did my birthday trip last year. It never slipped from my hair or wig and has survived sooo much abuse. typically when it's on a wig. I will toss the wig with the bow still attached. This bow is constructed the same as the black, however the colors are a Purple base with light purple tulle over it, and a baby pink smaller bow and knot section also having their partner color in tulle over it. It did come with glitter on it as well, the glitter seems to of survived the colored bow a little longer than the black, there are still traces of the glitter on it, however the glitter is going to be long gone after the next wear, which is fine with me. However if you were to get one thing from the shop. You can never go wrong with bows!

Be Sure to drop on by Holleys shop at
Holley Tea Time

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

KiwiBerries Lenses

Alright so this was a entry that was about six months in the making!
I will apologize now for not having pictures of all the items.
I received my first pair of circle lenses back in December as a Christmas present. Now prior to this I had NEVER worn a contact lens, except for the attempt of wearing a pair when I was younger only to find out they were to big for my eyes and would of caused damage, glad I got rid of those.

All of my Lenses came from the same site, however the site carries different brands of lenses. Every lens on the site is a type of circle lens that ranges from 14mm to 15mm, and even carries RX lenses for those of you who need a prescription. Some of the lens I received seem to be out of stock on the site but I will try my best to find all the links.

I must say the way they ship things is interesting, however the items arrived in perfect condition.

Now on my first order at Christmas I had actually ordered the Adult Violet, and Adult Pinks from EOS. I had ordered these during the Black Friday sale, making the lenses $20 together instead of $20 separately. with shipping I only paid $27. However it took till about a week or two before Christmas to receive them, understandable with holidays and all.

Adult Pink

So with purple being my favorite color. I instantly opened up the Adult Violets first!
Adult Violet
 Now with my eye's being a dark brown (almost amber if the light hits them right) most colors don't show up on my eyes. So the deep violet of the Adult Violets just barely showed, and added color to my eyes, however the effect when people were up close was "whoa wait, when did your eyes turn purple!"  I had a lot of fun wearing these to my classes and switching them halfway through the night for the Adult Pinks and messing with people.
With the Adult Pinks my eyes merely turned a shade of golden peach almost. 

On my next purchase I ordered the Super Lens Pack. The pack allows you to chose between 2-5 pairs of lenses that they chose at random. However you get a small discount off of it, I chose the 5 pair and used a half off deal they had cutting my total in half, plus I got a 6th pair free!, due to the buy 5 get the 6th free deal that they seem to be running constantly now. The only downside to this is you do not know what lens you actually received since they do not give you a list. I managed to find some of the lens's and have them posted below, but some I am not able to find on the site.

The green lens on the far left quickly became my favorite, however they tore within a few weeks of wearing (personally I think they got stuck in the lid when I was distracted and was closing the lens case). The pair on the far right are another form of the green, however these were given to a friend when I found out that her favorite pair of green lens's also tore after about a year of use, Happy Early Birthday to her!
The only downside I had with the pack was the two in the middle, both are a shade of brown, One being the Tear Brown from EOS, and the other I believe is the MI E-Type peach, both of these are unopened due to them matching my eye color. However both colors are completely gorgeous and I'm holding onto them to give as gifts to some friends when I see them next.

There is a pair of grays in there, I was unable to locate them on the site. I did try these on however when placing the gray lenses in my eyes it did sting and I was unable to open my eye to adjust them. I had to force my eyes open to pull the one lens out. While they are a gorgeous shade of gray that I would love to wear, all my attempts to wear them have ended in the same result. I believe it is just with that color translating onto the lens it's self, as my friend had ordered a pair of grays from the same brand on another site and had the same issue with hers, perhaps we got a bad batch? I will attempt to clean them one more time and try to wear them again, before I can give the grays a full review. 

The last and final pair were another shade of violets, not as solid as the Adult Violets, but these have also become a favorite of mine! The violet in these show a lot better on my eyes and brighten the eye up a bit. I am unable to locate these on the website it's self since the 14mm's are almost always out of stock and they pictures taken down. I'm sure they are made in other sizes but for my referencing I was going through the 14's. EOS has a large selection and it would take me a while to go through and compare all the lenses to find out which pair this is.
Side by Side comparison, left side Adult Violet, Right side Unknown Violet
 All in all though I am very happy with the items I received! I tend to wear the Adult Violets on an almost daily basis (had to leave them out for a while due to my make up class), while alternating in a pair of regular Blue lenses, and the Adult Pinks. When the Candy Green ones were still useable I wore these on alternating days. However I feel now that I will be wearing the unnamed pair of violets for a while.

I give the site a 7 out of 10, on some occasions the site can be laggy and frustrating but once you can place an order, you will love what you get.

The lenses themselves I give a 10/10 on the ones I kept and wore, after my eyes adjusted to having contacts in them, I am able to wear them for hours at a time and almost forget they are there till I look in a mirror.

Shipping unfortunately gets a 5 out 10, shipping is slow so if you want a pair and don't need them in a hurry go for it, due to customs though they will hold your packages for quite a while before releasing it, delivery time from the store to my home in California was about 2 months time even outside of holidays.

Here I have compiled a list of the one's that I was able to find. While some were out of stock, the E-types I believe are my mystery, redish brown lenses.
Tear Brown
Adult Gray
Adult Violet
Adult Pink
Baby Candy Green
E-Type Peach
Super Lens Pack

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kleancolor eye make up

 Alright guys! We're back with another review for KleanColor cosmetics, This one is all about their eye make up.

Now I got all my items on sale due to a store closing out, but I have looked up the retail prices for you guys!

First up is Kleancolors VIBE-rant due eyeliners, one side is a cream crayon styled liner, while the other is a liquid liner. Just like any crayon liner, the crayon will come off eventually, however the liquid even after several attempts to get it off of my hand does not rub off, you WILL need a remover for it. For me personally this is a good thing, if your some one who rubs at your eyes a lot, then once the liquid dries it will stay. 
As usual with Kleancolor the colors are very pigmented and vibrant, right down to the white line. 
I'd give this product a good 7 out of 10. It's perfect for those who want to start using a liquid liner, but do not want to pay a lot for the liquid and not end up using it. I did have to knock a few points off due to the liquid liner brush being just a tad stiff and being a bit messy. 
Normally this item is sold for $3.49, not to bad for a Duo

4 VIBE-rant colors on the top, the bottom was another brands liners

 These next three are the Waterproof Eyeliner Pens. Truthfully I don't have anything bad to say about these except the small size, however the size works perfectly for me since I hardly use pen styled eyeliners. The pen tips are soft and easy to work with, they have a fine point on them for making perfect little lines. The colors show beautifully with out having to use a lot. With the Eyeliner Pens however, they only come in dark colors, so if your a fan of bright, light colors these might not be the best for you. However if you like a bolder color then these would be perfect. 9 out of 10, once again the size is really my only complaint.
Normally sold for $3.99

The waterproof pen liner, compared to the lines by the VIBE-rant duos liquid

Every girls favorite thing. Glitter! These are Kleancolors Alter Ego Glitter Mascara. Now with any glitter mascara, you have to be careful of not getting it in the eye. The colors are beautiful and come in a few shades actually. My only problem is, is that I personally can not get the glitter to show up on my eyelashes, but I find other ways to use items like this. I do mascara in light layers so I might just might not be putting enough on for it show, But you can use these for other purposes as well like adding a glitter highlight to your hair, or even using it to add a sparkle to your cheeks. The brushes are not like normal mascara brushes, they are more of a screws threads on a plastic stick, which works perfectly for gripping the glitter.
10 out of 10, I'm not going to knock points for my own personal issues with the glitter.
This is normally sold for $2.99

So there's no cute witty name for these, they are simply just Kleancolors eyeprimers. One in shimmer and one in matte. Now I have never used a primer for eyeshadow before, so on my first attempt I did end up using a bit to much. The primer is very light in product and would work perfectly for anyone who loves using pure pigments and loose powders on their eyes. The shimmer (black tube) of course is the perfect thing to make your glitters and shimmer powders have a bit of extra shine, while the matte would be wonderful for just every day wear. 
10 out of 10, once again, not going to knock any points off for my own personal issues with using the product 
This product will run you about $2.99

All the items in this review can be found on their website

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Delish Beads Service

Hello everyone! It's been a while!

So last time I did nixon, however I've been in a crafty mood so this time it'll be for one of my favorite craft suppliers!

Now I've been ordering from this site for about a year now, and they have been nothing but delightful through every transaction!
The store is very easy to navigate, and full of cute little items. The Beads and Cachabons are my own personal favorite area of the store.

They are the crafters best friend with tons of cute items, with low prices. On a recent order to make a new set of necklaces my order with all my items was roughly around $30 dollars (with some ring supplies added in)
Shipping is awesome from this place as well. No matter how much you order off of the store front it's all free! and the shipping only takes a few days, I had placed my order on a Saturday and received it on a Thursday. All of my transactions have been this way. They ship out of the US as well, so there is no customs to go through.

The owner are complete delight as well. I normally mail them questions about 3-4 times every couple of months when I'm thinking of a new project and they tend to get back to me within a few days ( people have lives after all~).

When shipped, items are individually bagged in small bags, and wrapped with a squishy foam paper. However, when shipping items such as little parfait cups, they tend to use a box instead, since the item is very delicate .

A few examples of cute items you can make with their supplies!

All in all, I believe that I will always be a faithful customer of this store for supplies.

I give them a 10 out of 10 overall.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Nioxin, system 1

My last post was really in September? I feel so bad! Things have gotten a bit hectic for me but I finally have some down time to write!

So as some who have read older posts remember, I am a Cosmetology student. We have wonderful product called Nioxin in our salon, and despite myself using the product for years, I've never known much about it till now.

Nioxin makes quite a few products from Shampoos and Conditioners, to Scalp treatments, Hair styling products and even vitamins. All these products are made to help keep your scalp healthy which in turn keeps your hair healthy!

Today I'll talk about System 1, we'll go in order for the systems.

Most places will carry the Kit version of the items, The Kit includes a Shampoo, Conditioner and a Leave In item. However you can buy the items individually as well.

Nioxin can help any series of scalp problems from just a dry scalp to even help clear up the dreaded psoriasis problem (however! this is no permanent solution for that!)

The perks of the product are;
  • Reduction in hair loss due to breaking  
  • Helps Amplify hair texture and fullness
  • Strengthens hair against damage
  • Removal of  sebum (see bottom if you do not know this) and other oils that can clog the hair pore
  • Helps with moister balance
Each system is made for a different hair type, as we know not everyone's hair is the same!

Picking your System is fairly easily, Though your hair stylist can also help you pick out the right system if you do not feel like you may make the right decision.

System 1 was created for;
  • Normal to Thin-Looking Hair. I put emphasis on looking, as you will find out when I write about System 2 next week.
  • Natural Hair, meaning you have no done anything to it with chemicals. No dye, perms, relaxers, none of that.
  • Fine hair. If your not sure if your hair is fine, you can ask your stylist to tell you.
The Perks to System 1 are;
  • A refreshed scalp
  • Thicker looking hair
  • Added shine

System 1 will cleanse the scalp of oils and environmental toxins that cause the pores to clog, and leave the scalp feeling refreshed and clean. It will also plump each hair to create a thicker looking head of hair while helping reduce hair loss by strengthening the stands. The system will also bring out the natural shine in the hair after cleansing the scalp and hair.

Nioxin is a wonderful system for anyone looking to increase the health of their hair and scalp. I'd recommend it for any ages, however be prepared to pay a pretty penny for the system, but the price is well worth the results!

This product can be found in almost any salon or beauty supply store.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

China Glaze Nail Polish Review

So this entry has been on and off typing VIA my phone app.  I'm so sorry for the delay!

Last Monday I stopped into Sally's Beauty store, to see what was on sale and came across these fall China Glaze colors. Not just any colors, these colors were beautiful! Originally I stopped in for my Student Discount card for Cosmo School, and ran into them.

Please excuse my horrid nails! I had just taken off some other polish... poorly.
Originally I noticed this gorgeous purple color, my total color obsession is purple. Then behind it I saw the glorious golden/green hued one. Both polishes give off a multi color shine in the bottle. Now personally I'm very picky about nail polish, however I did two small test dots on my fingers with these and fell in love.

The one on the right is called "No Plain Jane" as you can see it's base is purple, but has a pink undertone and a bit of a tealish blue shine as well. The gold based color is named "Rare and Radiant", it has a base of gold, with a green shine to it, and a small blue undertone as well. Together they remind me of Mardi Gras. 

These two are from their Bohemian collection, Retail at $6.99, however with my student discount card it came to $4.50 each. If you see this display (below) then you got the right ones!

Now normally I would not pay over $2 for a bottle of nail polish, however I was sold on these colors after opening the bottles to see what they really looked like. Despite the price tag, I would still say, if you want a good polish, go ahead and splurge on the China Glaze. Personally I only own four bottles of China Glaze, the other two had been purchased on a clearance sale the previous year. But if the quality is like this on all their colors, I wouldn't mind expanding this collection!

After purchasing these, I went to school and spent the class period painting them. straight on you can not see the multi color shine, however if you look at the side of the gold based one you can see the slight green shine. You can really see it when you're twisting your fingers around. This is two coats on the finger, it stayed on for about a week and a half with my constant typing and having to put my hands through chemicals at school, all in all it still looked pretty good even when chipping!

Good Nail Polish for beginners and professionals. Just put a little top coat on and your good to go out.
I'd recommend it for a night time event easily, with the shine it has, you could easily spot your friend wearing it across the club! Even a good idea for a first date for all you teens who watch this blog, catch his attention by using a power color that shows your personality!

All in all, ChinaGlaze gets a 5/5 on their Bohemian colors I purchased.
You can find these at most major retailers like walmart, but specialty colors like these will more likely be found in beauty supply stores, don't be afraid to ask if they have frequent shopper discount cards too!

ChinaGlaze - Keep an eye out for new colors there! Also check out the nail art section for wonderful techniques to make your nails look professional in minutes!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

KleanColor + Beauty Treats Make Up Review

Make up Review, Quality Make up for girls 13+
Websites will be at the bottom of the page!

Alright! let's talk make up!
Off brand, not usually what you hear for make up. However for those of you, who are in the process of building a make up collection, or are just starting out. The products featured in this review today I've owned for a while and they have been gently loved.. well most of the colors have been!

So a little story on how I found these small off brands really quick. There is a small discount make up store in my mall called Fresca, their privately owned. Now they order in bulk these off brand make ups that are easily affordable. I was so surprised by how cheap it was! Even cheaper than Walmarts make up. I went in and bought five different colored eye liners, two mascaras and a small eyeshadow palette (now retired palette from being over used RIP beautiful colors!) all for around $15 with tax. Ever since I made that discovery, I've been a regular customer.

On my next trip to the store I found another Palette (pictured) of some neon like colors, which came in handy since I'm also a cosplayer in my "other" life. There was a color for every outfit. Now on my most recent trip, they had put out a set of three different 88 color professional palettes. Being the color lover I am, I couldn't pass it up. The palette was only $18! Needless to say I got hooked, a lot of the time the items are on sale as well. Including some off brand nail polishes that are around 99cents and really work! you can see it in my photos. However those will be for another day.

Now if you came over from my youtube page, then you've seen my two make up tutorials. One being my "8 minute make up routine" , and the other my "Moon elf inspired" make up. All the make up used in those was from these two brands, along with an Apple mascara that was imported from Mexico, a few extras were used in the moon elf one.

Enough back story, to the review!

So one of my more recent buys was a new foundation powder from Kleancolor, Now I'm a pretty broke kid at the moment from this pretty bad economy, and I got this powder for UNDER $4. The color I picked up was Translucent Beige. I love this powder, it's so light that you don't really notice you are even wearing it! The compact has this nifty little hiding spot for your sponge as well so it's not constantly soaking up the powder or rubbing against it in transport. All in all I give this powder a 5/5.
Natural light with the powder, evens out skin tones on it's own

Every girls favorite accessory! Eyeliner! So I feel a little foolish, I finally found out that the bottom of my eyeliner had a sharpener in it! The bottom kept popping off and I just thought it was busted, nope! there was a little sharpener in there! The colors on these are very vibrant, the only dull one would be the silver eyeliner because it is more of a gray. My favorite one to use of course is the deep purple liner. However I do like to use the white one and the pink as well! The liner is soft and easy for first timers to put on with out jabbing themselves in the eye with a sharp pencil, also a bit of a steal at a mere price of $1.59 for one liner from Kleancolor. I've been using this set for the past year and a half and haven't even made a real dent in them! Once it sets it stays on, unless you purposely rub at it to take it off. All in all I give this one 4/5 only because I had no clue I had a sharpener in the end. It didn't look like one till I saw some one else use it as such. Perhaps redesign the sharpener or put a note at the bottom?
Flash where you can see the purple!

Now this one is my favorite so far. The eye shadows. The 88 Color shown on the left has a ton of fun colors and comes in three styles, I got the more spring colored eye shadows, over the shimmer, and the duller one. Above is my small palette thats easier to travel with. It's 35 Color palette. Both sets have a lot of pigment in them meaning you don't have to use a lot, and it will last longer. I've used the blues, purples and pinks the most, and you can't even really tell I've used them on the 88. You can tell a bit on the 35, where the light blue shadow is. This is wonderful piece for beginners, where they will be able to clearly see the color on their eyes, with out having to apply a lot of it. I give both a 5/5.
88 Palette is by Beauty Treats for a mere $18.95. 35 is by Kleancolor for $3.99.

Kleancolor Pink on one d side of the eye. Beauty Treats blue on the other. Natural Light

All in all I'm very happy with these companies and their products. The products are all very light powders (save the eyeliner which seems to be a cream I believe),  you almost forget you are wearing them sometimes till some one makes a comment about how beautiful the colors look.

These are wonderful for beginners, and pros. Especially if you are like me and are in the costuming world, they show up wonderfully in photos! As seen in photo below, all make up in the photo was from Kleancolor and Beauty Treats!

Beauty Treats

If you see any products on the site, I will be more than willing to drop by the local store and see if they are in stock, and pick up the items for the price of the item+shipping+5% of total price with shipping, all the money from the 5% will go towards getting a customized domain for the blog.

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