Sunday, May 19, 2013

KiwiBerries Lenses

Alright so this was a entry that was about six months in the making!
I will apologize now for not having pictures of all the items.
I received my first pair of circle lenses back in December as a Christmas present. Now prior to this I had NEVER worn a contact lens, except for the attempt of wearing a pair when I was younger only to find out they were to big for my eyes and would of caused damage, glad I got rid of those.

All of my Lenses came from the same site, however the site carries different brands of lenses. Every lens on the site is a type of circle lens that ranges from 14mm to 15mm, and even carries RX lenses for those of you who need a prescription. Some of the lens I received seem to be out of stock on the site but I will try my best to find all the links.

I must say the way they ship things is interesting, however the items arrived in perfect condition.

Now on my first order at Christmas I had actually ordered the Adult Violet, and Adult Pinks from EOS. I had ordered these during the Black Friday sale, making the lenses $20 together instead of $20 separately. with shipping I only paid $27. However it took till about a week or two before Christmas to receive them, understandable with holidays and all.

Adult Pink

So with purple being my favorite color. I instantly opened up the Adult Violets first!
Adult Violet
 Now with my eye's being a dark brown (almost amber if the light hits them right) most colors don't show up on my eyes. So the deep violet of the Adult Violets just barely showed, and added color to my eyes, however the effect when people were up close was "whoa wait, when did your eyes turn purple!"  I had a lot of fun wearing these to my classes and switching them halfway through the night for the Adult Pinks and messing with people.
With the Adult Pinks my eyes merely turned a shade of golden peach almost. 

On my next purchase I ordered the Super Lens Pack. The pack allows you to chose between 2-5 pairs of lenses that they chose at random. However you get a small discount off of it, I chose the 5 pair and used a half off deal they had cutting my total in half, plus I got a 6th pair free!, due to the buy 5 get the 6th free deal that they seem to be running constantly now. The only downside to this is you do not know what lens you actually received since they do not give you a list. I managed to find some of the lens's and have them posted below, but some I am not able to find on the site.

The green lens on the far left quickly became my favorite, however they tore within a few weeks of wearing (personally I think they got stuck in the lid when I was distracted and was closing the lens case). The pair on the far right are another form of the green, however these were given to a friend when I found out that her favorite pair of green lens's also tore after about a year of use, Happy Early Birthday to her!
The only downside I had with the pack was the two in the middle, both are a shade of brown, One being the Tear Brown from EOS, and the other I believe is the MI E-Type peach, both of these are unopened due to them matching my eye color. However both colors are completely gorgeous and I'm holding onto them to give as gifts to some friends when I see them next.

There is a pair of grays in there, I was unable to locate them on the site. I did try these on however when placing the gray lenses in my eyes it did sting and I was unable to open my eye to adjust them. I had to force my eyes open to pull the one lens out. While they are a gorgeous shade of gray that I would love to wear, all my attempts to wear them have ended in the same result. I believe it is just with that color translating onto the lens it's self, as my friend had ordered a pair of grays from the same brand on another site and had the same issue with hers, perhaps we got a bad batch? I will attempt to clean them one more time and try to wear them again, before I can give the grays a full review. 

The last and final pair were another shade of violets, not as solid as the Adult Violets, but these have also become a favorite of mine! The violet in these show a lot better on my eyes and brighten the eye up a bit. I am unable to locate these on the website it's self since the 14mm's are almost always out of stock and they pictures taken down. I'm sure they are made in other sizes but for my referencing I was going through the 14's. EOS has a large selection and it would take me a while to go through and compare all the lenses to find out which pair this is.
Side by Side comparison, left side Adult Violet, Right side Unknown Violet
 All in all though I am very happy with the items I received! I tend to wear the Adult Violets on an almost daily basis (had to leave them out for a while due to my make up class), while alternating in a pair of regular Blue lenses, and the Adult Pinks. When the Candy Green ones were still useable I wore these on alternating days. However I feel now that I will be wearing the unnamed pair of violets for a while.

I give the site a 7 out of 10, on some occasions the site can be laggy and frustrating but once you can place an order, you will love what you get.

The lenses themselves I give a 10/10 on the ones I kept and wore, after my eyes adjusted to having contacts in them, I am able to wear them for hours at a time and almost forget they are there till I look in a mirror.

Shipping unfortunately gets a 5 out 10, shipping is slow so if you want a pair and don't need them in a hurry go for it, due to customs though they will hold your packages for quite a while before releasing it, delivery time from the store to my home in California was about 2 months time even outside of holidays.

Here I have compiled a list of the one's that I was able to find. While some were out of stock, the E-types I believe are my mystery, redish brown lenses.
Tear Brown
Adult Gray
Adult Violet
Adult Pink
Baby Candy Green
E-Type Peach
Super Lens Pack

Suggestions for new items to review?
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