Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Holley Tea Time~

Since my last post, I have graduated from Cosmetology and earned both my license to do hair and my make up credentials!

Alright so this time I'll be doing a review of some HTT items!
These are items that I've collected over time from her and includes a few items I received from Model Promotions.

So far I've owned, her Pastel Polka Dot Cutie Skirt, A plain black Skirt int he same style as the Pastel Polka Dot Cutie Skirt, Pastel dreamy fairy star ring, Magical fairy wishing heart necklace, Glitter Rainbow Ring, and two un-named bows.

Now I put every product I receive through rigorous testing, and I may or may not have a habit of chewing on my jewelry mostly the chains...

The first Item I actually got from Holley was two bows from Grab Bags at her stand at ALA back in 2011.  But I'll talk about the black skirt first.

So this Skirt I bought from her at Anime Conji 2013, while helping her watch the booth. At the time I attended a beauty school whose dress code was all black [exception of accessories and hair pieces], and figured I could pull some of my Lolita and Fairy Kei accessories and pieces into my school clothing. I ended up buying her medium sized skirt, which is actually a bit big on me, the last time I measured, I had a 29-30inch waist, that was a few years ago. You can fit a small short petticoat under the skirt if you like, however I found I was more comfortable in the skirt with it just hanging freely. It's gone through the wash multiple times and has never come out with any fading or loose strings. Unfortunately this skirt is not available in shop, however she may or may not bring more or similar ones of it to cons.
So while we're talking about the black skirt, lets talk about the Pastel Polka Dot Cutie Skirt, this was also purchased at the same time as the black skirt. This one fits the same way as the black skirt and I did get it in the same size, once again it's a bit loose on me, which is perfectly fine with me. The fabric is durable and has gone through a few dance practices, some DDR play, and survived a 3 day Disneyland Trip, where I had to wrangle two small children in it. The same goes for it going through the wash, the color has lasted and stayed the same as the day I got it, no rips or tears despite the abuse it's been through as well. The polka dots on the skirt come in yellow, purple, green, blue and a darker shade of pink than the base fabric. Normally I don't like Polka Dots but this skirt was to cute to pass up.
This skirt is still available in her store for $22. Link here

Alright so these items I received as part of a modeling promotion. When Holley ships she packs everything in a bubble envelope to make sure the items arrive in mint condition. This package included the Dream Fairy Star Ring, in purple with pink bow, Magical fairy wishing heart necklace, also in the purple color with a matching pink bow, the version I received has pearls on the chain, there is a secondary version with stars on the chain, and hiding in that cute little "Luv u" box was the Glitter Rainbow Ring.

All of Holley's packages come with a cute hand written message on adorable stationary for everyone. My message was just a short and simple "Hope you like everything". She always includes a cute little business card in every purchase as well. Unfortunately I only have photos of the necklace worn. These products all went through a testing of daily wear, and even through a whole dance performance.

The rings come on Adjustable backs, now with me having tiny fingers even with the bands at the smallest point I still had to wrap tape around the band to hold it on my finger, that's a body issue though and not a product issue. My ring size is one of the smallest ones a 5. but these rings hold up well under everything, even to the point of me chewing on the star ring at one point. The Star ring is a Resin based product.  The Rainbow Ring is made from clay. This ring also held up during a dance performance and a few bashes against some walls and tables from me just being a derp and running into them.
Now for the necklace! This necklace may look big, however once it's on you tend to forget your wearing it. It comes on a magenta chain and can ether have the pearl chain links like mine, or come with star chain links. The heart is made out of resin and is less than half an inch thick and very light. Hiding in the heart are sparkling little wishing stars. This necklace held up through an entire routine of the dance Heavy Rotation from AKB48, if you haven't seen the dance, then youtube for Pinku Projects Heavy Rotation dance, My part was one of the back parts involving a lot of jumping.
The Star ring will run you about $ 6.50 Linked here
The Rainbow Ring is currently sold out, but when in stock will run you about  $ 4. linked here
The Magical wishing necklace is also sold out but will run you about $ 12. linked here

The bows! Omg the Bows!! So I have a problem, I love bows. I have two from Holley.
Now both of these bows do not appear on the website as they were grab bag only bows. However she does list similar items. 
Once again the Black bow was purchased for school wear, but I do love wearing this bow around for fun. It's made from two bows, one slightly smaller than the base. It came with glitter attached to it, but after 3 YEARS of wear I've worn all the glitter off of it. The bow is constructed with Black satin I believe and is covered with a black net tulle.
The second bow is my favorite, this one goes with me anytime I'm dressed for an event ether on my wig, or on my apron of my Maid Uniform. It can be seen worn in the photos containing the skirts at the top of this post as well and though it can not be seen it was attached to a bun on the back of my wig in the previous photo. Now this bow went with me every single day to Disneyland as well when I did my birthday trip last year. It never slipped from my hair or wig and has survived sooo much abuse. typically when it's on a wig. I will toss the wig with the bow still attached. This bow is constructed the same as the black, however the colors are a Purple base with light purple tulle over it, and a baby pink smaller bow and knot section also having their partner color in tulle over it. It did come with glitter on it as well, the glitter seems to of survived the colored bow a little longer than the black, there are still traces of the glitter on it, however the glitter is going to be long gone after the next wear, which is fine with me. However if you were to get one thing from the shop. You can never go wrong with bows!

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