Tuesday, September 4, 2012

China Glaze Nail Polish Review

So this entry has been on and off typing VIA my phone app.  I'm so sorry for the delay!

Last Monday I stopped into Sally's Beauty store, to see what was on sale and came across these fall China Glaze colors. Not just any colors, these colors were beautiful! Originally I stopped in for my Student Discount card for Cosmo School, and ran into them.

Please excuse my horrid nails! I had just taken off some other polish... poorly.
Originally I noticed this gorgeous purple color, my total color obsession is purple. Then behind it I saw the glorious golden/green hued one. Both polishes give off a multi color shine in the bottle. Now personally I'm very picky about nail polish, however I did two small test dots on my fingers with these and fell in love.

The one on the right is called "No Plain Jane" as you can see it's base is purple, but has a pink undertone and a bit of a tealish blue shine as well. The gold based color is named "Rare and Radiant", it has a base of gold, with a green shine to it, and a small blue undertone as well. Together they remind me of Mardi Gras. 

These two are from their Bohemian collection, Retail at $6.99, however with my student discount card it came to $4.50 each. If you see this display (below) then you got the right ones!

Now normally I would not pay over $2 for a bottle of nail polish, however I was sold on these colors after opening the bottles to see what they really looked like. Despite the price tag, I would still say, if you want a good polish, go ahead and splurge on the China Glaze. Personally I only own four bottles of China Glaze, the other two had been purchased on a clearance sale the previous year. But if the quality is like this on all their colors, I wouldn't mind expanding this collection!

After purchasing these, I went to school and spent the class period painting them. straight on you can not see the multi color shine, however if you look at the side of the gold based one you can see the slight green shine. You can really see it when you're twisting your fingers around. This is two coats on the finger, it stayed on for about a week and a half with my constant typing and having to put my hands through chemicals at school, all in all it still looked pretty good even when chipping!

Good Nail Polish for beginners and professionals. Just put a little top coat on and your good to go out.
I'd recommend it for a night time event easily, with the shine it has, you could easily spot your friend wearing it across the club! Even a good idea for a first date for all you teens who watch this blog, catch his attention by using a power color that shows your personality!

All in all, ChinaGlaze gets a 5/5 on their Bohemian colors I purchased.
You can find these at most major retailers like walmart, but specialty colors like these will more likely be found in beauty supply stores, don't be afraid to ask if they have frequent shopper discount cards too!

ChinaGlaze - Keep an eye out for new colors there! Also check out the nail art section for wonderful techniques to make your nails look professional in minutes!

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