Friday, January 25, 2013

Nioxin, system 1

My last post was really in September? I feel so bad! Things have gotten a bit hectic for me but I finally have some down time to write!

So as some who have read older posts remember, I am a Cosmetology student. We have wonderful product called Nioxin in our salon, and despite myself using the product for years, I've never known much about it till now.

Nioxin makes quite a few products from Shampoos and Conditioners, to Scalp treatments, Hair styling products and even vitamins. All these products are made to help keep your scalp healthy which in turn keeps your hair healthy!

Today I'll talk about System 1, we'll go in order for the systems.

Most places will carry the Kit version of the items, The Kit includes a Shampoo, Conditioner and a Leave In item. However you can buy the items individually as well.

Nioxin can help any series of scalp problems from just a dry scalp to even help clear up the dreaded psoriasis problem (however! this is no permanent solution for that!)

The perks of the product are;
  • Reduction in hair loss due to breaking  
  • Helps Amplify hair texture and fullness
  • Strengthens hair against damage
  • Removal of  sebum (see bottom if you do not know this) and other oils that can clog the hair pore
  • Helps with moister balance
Each system is made for a different hair type, as we know not everyone's hair is the same!

Picking your System is fairly easily, Though your hair stylist can also help you pick out the right system if you do not feel like you may make the right decision.

System 1 was created for;
  • Normal to Thin-Looking Hair. I put emphasis on looking, as you will find out when I write about System 2 next week.
  • Natural Hair, meaning you have no done anything to it with chemicals. No dye, perms, relaxers, none of that.
  • Fine hair. If your not sure if your hair is fine, you can ask your stylist to tell you.
The Perks to System 1 are;
  • A refreshed scalp
  • Thicker looking hair
  • Added shine

System 1 will cleanse the scalp of oils and environmental toxins that cause the pores to clog, and leave the scalp feeling refreshed and clean. It will also plump each hair to create a thicker looking head of hair while helping reduce hair loss by strengthening the stands. The system will also bring out the natural shine in the hair after cleansing the scalp and hair.

Nioxin is a wonderful system for anyone looking to increase the health of their hair and scalp. I'd recommend it for any ages, however be prepared to pay a pretty penny for the system, but the price is well worth the results!

This product can be found in almost any salon or beauty supply store.

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