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KleanColor + Beauty Treats Make Up Review

Make up Review, Quality Make up for girls 13+
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Alright! let's talk make up!
Off brand, not usually what you hear for make up. However for those of you, who are in the process of building a make up collection, or are just starting out. The products featured in this review today I've owned for a while and they have been gently loved.. well most of the colors have been!

So a little story on how I found these small off brands really quick. There is a small discount make up store in my mall called Fresca, their privately owned. Now they order in bulk these off brand make ups that are easily affordable. I was so surprised by how cheap it was! Even cheaper than Walmarts make up. I went in and bought five different colored eye liners, two mascaras and a small eyeshadow palette (now retired palette from being over used RIP beautiful colors!) all for around $15 with tax. Ever since I made that discovery, I've been a regular customer.

On my next trip to the store I found another Palette (pictured) of some neon like colors, which came in handy since I'm also a cosplayer in my "other" life. There was a color for every outfit. Now on my most recent trip, they had put out a set of three different 88 color professional palettes. Being the color lover I am, I couldn't pass it up. The palette was only $18! Needless to say I got hooked, a lot of the time the items are on sale as well. Including some off brand nail polishes that are around 99cents and really work! you can see it in my photos. However those will be for another day.

Now if you came over from my youtube page, then you've seen my two make up tutorials. One being my "8 minute make up routine" , and the other my "Moon elf inspired" make up. All the make up used in those was from these two brands, along with an Apple mascara that was imported from Mexico, a few extras were used in the moon elf one.

Enough back story, to the review!

So one of my more recent buys was a new foundation powder from Kleancolor, Now I'm a pretty broke kid at the moment from this pretty bad economy, and I got this powder for UNDER $4. The color I picked up was Translucent Beige. I love this powder, it's so light that you don't really notice you are even wearing it! The compact has this nifty little hiding spot for your sponge as well so it's not constantly soaking up the powder or rubbing against it in transport. All in all I give this powder a 5/5.
Natural light with the powder, evens out skin tones on it's own

Every girls favorite accessory! Eyeliner! So I feel a little foolish, I finally found out that the bottom of my eyeliner had a sharpener in it! The bottom kept popping off and I just thought it was busted, nope! there was a little sharpener in there! The colors on these are very vibrant, the only dull one would be the silver eyeliner because it is more of a gray. My favorite one to use of course is the deep purple liner. However I do like to use the white one and the pink as well! The liner is soft and easy for first timers to put on with out jabbing themselves in the eye with a sharp pencil, also a bit of a steal at a mere price of $1.59 for one liner from Kleancolor. I've been using this set for the past year and a half and haven't even made a real dent in them! Once it sets it stays on, unless you purposely rub at it to take it off. All in all I give this one 4/5 only because I had no clue I had a sharpener in the end. It didn't look like one till I saw some one else use it as such. Perhaps redesign the sharpener or put a note at the bottom?
Flash where you can see the purple!

Now this one is my favorite so far. The eye shadows. The 88 Color shown on the left has a ton of fun colors and comes in three styles, I got the more spring colored eye shadows, over the shimmer, and the duller one. Above is my small palette thats easier to travel with. It's 35 Color palette. Both sets have a lot of pigment in them meaning you don't have to use a lot, and it will last longer. I've used the blues, purples and pinks the most, and you can't even really tell I've used them on the 88. You can tell a bit on the 35, where the light blue shadow is. This is wonderful piece for beginners, where they will be able to clearly see the color on their eyes, with out having to apply a lot of it. I give both a 5/5.
88 Palette is by Beauty Treats for a mere $18.95. 35 is by Kleancolor for $3.99.

Kleancolor Pink on one d side of the eye. Beauty Treats blue on the other. Natural Light

All in all I'm very happy with these companies and their products. The products are all very light powders (save the eyeliner which seems to be a cream I believe),  you almost forget you are wearing them sometimes till some one makes a comment about how beautiful the colors look.

These are wonderful for beginners, and pros. Especially if you are like me and are in the costuming world, they show up wonderfully in photos! As seen in photo below, all make up in the photo was from Kleancolor and Beauty Treats!

Beauty Treats

If you see any products on the site, I will be more than willing to drop by the local store and see if they are in stock, and pick up the items for the price of the item+shipping+5% of total price with shipping, all the money from the 5% will go towards getting a customized domain for the blog.

Suggestions? Questions? Need a tutorial for a type of make up style? Comment, or Drop me a line at

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